"The RoadRunner's" Backyard RC Tracks

Onroad Track (currently unsealed):

The Onroad RC track was first started in 2001. Firstly it took up only 1/2 of the backyard and was made by lowering the lawn mower to the ground and making a 'road' 3 feet wide. This was fine for the Blazing Star buggy I had at the time. As the track wore in it became obvious that the car ran faster and for longer when all the grass was removed, also the need to landscape the area of yard was needed to prevent the house flooding, so out came the shovels and digging began.

The main area was lowered 10 inches with the excavated dirt added to the 'hill' to make a total of 2 foot difference from the highest to lowest points of the track. Again this was great for me, 3 foot wide was plenty for 1 person to drive around. As friends bought new cars and wanted to drive on the track too it became apparent that 3 foot was too narrow to pass a buggy on so the track was widened to 6 feet on the straight and 5 feet around the remainder.

Keeping the grass off the track has always been a problem. At first it was just mowed and snipped, but this only worked for a week and needed to be done again. Poison (Round-Up) worked, also the sprinkling of salt and pouring of oil from the truck company next door also helps to pack the dirt and prevent the grass from over growing. It still grows over today and takes much work to keep it maintained.

Then came along the HPI Savage... It made it's own track around the remainder of the yard from just running. In the path of where it wore in we started adding jumps and eventually this track developed along the same lines as the onroad track, with huge Savage sized jumps. The poor buggys didn't agree well with the massive jumps and were getting expensive to keep repairing so the jumps were removed and both sections of track joined together to make the large track that takes up the whole yard today.

The wife wasn't overly concerned that her back lawn was turned into a scale raceway, as long as it's kept neat and tidy. In the future the track will be sealed and concrete ripple strips, gaurd rails and paint added.

The best thing... I always have somewhere to drive my many RC cars. Visitor are always welcome to come and drive.

Offroad Track (currently under construction):

This track was inspired by Wyoming and Moondoggies "WyoWorld" on TamiyaClub.com in 2007 and it gives me somewhere interesting to drive my growing scale 4x4 collection. The track will incorporate offroad scale rally and 4x4 sections with a 'main road' that winds through the trees joined together by 'bush tracks'. Running water feature, fish pond, waterfall, scale buildings and fences, bridges, small trees grown in clay pots and lots of rocks should make it a garden unlike most.