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My Rally Setup:

Off Road Rally:

Tamiya TA02/01 based shaft drive 4WD tourer setup for off road rally.

On Road Rally:

Tamiya TA03F & TA03FS based belt drive 4WD tourer setup for on road rally.
Rally Bodies:

Bodies that fit my two rally chassis.

Escort RS, Focus RS, Lancer Evo, Impreza WRC, Celica GT4 & Corolla WRC.

M-Rally RWD:

Tamiya M04 based tourer setup for RWD off road rally.

Escort Mk1, Escort Mk2, VW Beetle, Datsun.

M-Rally FWD:

Tamiya M03 based tourer setup for FWD off road rally.


My Buggy Setup:

Scaler Buggys:

Tamiya Grasshopper with added detail.

Scale Basic Dune Buggy.

"Sand Scorcher":

Tamiya Sand Scorcher Baja Beetle with added detail.

Scale VW Baja Beetle.

"Sand Rover":

Tamiya Sand Rover on a Super Champ chassis with added detail.

Scale VW Manx Beach Buggy.

"Super Champ":

Tamiya Super Champ with added detail.

Scale VW Dune Buggy.

"Civilian FAV":

Tamiya Fast Attack Buggy painted in civi-colours with added detail.

Scale 2 seat VW Dune Buggy.

"The Fox":

Tamiya Fox with added detail.

Scale Racer Dune Buggy.

My On Road Setup:
On Road Scalers:
"TA-03R TRF": Tamiya TA03R TRF chassis RWD with a super detailed GT-40 body..
"M-Van": Tamiya M04 with a super detailed 1:12 Van body.
"M-Escort Mk1": Tamiya M04 with a super detailed Escort Mk1 2 door body..

My Off Road Setup:

Off Road Scalers:
"Willys Jeep": Scratch built replica of my Grandfather's Willys Jeep with MFC-02.
"Ford F-350": Tamiya F-350 High Lift 3 Speed with MFC-02 and added detail.
"Pajero SWB": Tamiya CC-01 Pajero with a 3 Speed, MFC-02 and added detail.
"Pajero LWB":

Tamiya CC-01 Toureg with a LWB Pajero body, 3 Speed, MFC-02 and added detail.

Replica of my own LWB Pajero.

My RC Small Scales:

"Nikko Flexmobile": Nikko Flexmobile unmodified.
"Jeep CJ-7": New Bright Jeep CJ-7 soft top retro-fitted with 1:10 radio gear.

My Trucks and Armour:

"King Hauler Pantek":

Tamiya King Hauler full option with B-Double pantek trailers.

"Leopard II A5 Tank": Leopard II A5 BB Battle Tank.


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