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My Buggy Setup:

Racer Buggys:
"27T Blazing Evo": Tamiya DF-01 based buggy upgraded to Top Force Evo spec & beyond.
"27T DT-02 MS": Tamiya DT-02 based buggy nicely upgraded.
"Mamba DF-03 MS": Tamiya DF-03 MS based buggy, blinged with MambaMax power.
My On Road Setup:

On Road Racers:

"Mamba M-Chassis":

Tamiya M-04 chassis with many upgrades.

"Mamba TA-03F RWD": Tamiya TA-03F chassis assembled as RWD only with a 200mm body.
"Mamaba TB Evo 5": Tamiya TB Evo 5 race chassis.
On Road Drifter:
"Mamba TA-03F Pro": Tamiya TA03F Pro chassis setup for drifting with a Corolla AE86 body.

My Off Road Setup:

Off Road Racers:

"Mamba Ford F-150 Corrs":

Tamiya F-150 TA02 fitted with DF01 long suspension arms.

"Mamba King Crunch": Tamiya Lunchbox with some serious mods.
"The Mamba Beast": HPI RS4 MT2 brushless conversion on 3s Li-Po.
"MMM Savage-Flux": HPI Savage-Flux with a MambaMax Monster brushless system.

My Nitro Setup:

"HPI RS4 Evo3":

HPI RS4 Evo 3 hopped up with an OS18CV-R Engine.

"Losi 8ight Buggy": Losi 8ight Racing Buggy fitted with an OS21VZ B V-spec.
"HPI Savage 25": HPI Savage 25 Limited Edition fitted with an OS30VG.

My RC Small Scales:

"Losi Micro-T":

Losi Micro-T with every available upgrade fitted.

"Mini-Z": Kyosho Mini-Z retro-fitted into a Scalextric Falcon slotcar.
"Mamba25 HPI Micro RS4": HPI Micro RS4 'RatsAss' chassis with a Mamba25 on 9.6v.
"Mamba25 Nikko Venus": Nikko Venus retro-fitted with 1:10 radio gear.
"Mamba25 Tyco Jet-Hopper": Tyco Jet-Hopper retro-fitted with 1:10 radio gear.
"Mamba25 Tyco Mini-Hopper": Tyco Mini-Hopper Aero retro-fitted with 1:18 radio gear.
"Mamba25 Taiyo Lamborghini": Taiyo Lamborghini Countach 5000 retro-fitted with 1:18 radio gear.
"Mamba25 Taiyo Porsche 935": Taiyo Porsche 935 retro-fitted with 1:18 radio gear.
"Tomy Takara Q-Steer Set":   Full set of Tomy Takara Tamiya Q-Steers.


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