My Cars Index

1994 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS V6 Wagon:

Purchased from eBay in 2007 for the rather cheap sum of $4900 from a seller in Brisbane. It wasn't perfect and needed some repairs which were no problem.

A beautiful vehicle to drive being the GLS top of the range model with all it's small luxuries. Great 4x4 ability as well.

1982 Ford Falcon XE S-Pak Wagon:

This wagon is mainly my wife's car and was given to us by my Dad when he inherited my late Grandfather's 1992 Falcon EB.

It's still unchanged from factory although that may change.

1978 Ford Escort BC 2 Door:

I built this car from a $100 wreck in 1995.

Has been a very economical and trouble free 'Toy Racer' with it's 1600cc engine and light weight.

1978 Ford Cortina TE (Mk4) Ghia 6 Sedan:

I bought this car in 1997 from the Trading Post. It had just been restored and was in excellent condition.

All mods are 100% QLD street legal.

Cars I used to own:

This page is a collection of photographs of cars I have owned at one time or another.